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shungaisart - 1853 - KUNIYOSHI - Bloody Samurai - Japanese woodblock print picture - Six Select Heroes

1853 - KUNIYOSHI GEM - Bloody Samurai - Six Select Heroes

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Authentic original Edo Period Kuniyoshi Japanese Woodblock Print Picture

Artist:  KUNIYOSHI  UTAGAWA (1797-1861)

Date:  Edo Period, October, 1853

Publisher:  Hayashiya Shogoro

Title of series: Eiyu rokkasen 英雄六家撰 (Six Select Heroes)

Warrior depicted:  Kusunoki Masatsura, blue-faced and mortally wounded, making his last stand at the battle of Shijo-nawate.  He sports a bag of trophy heads in the sack at his hip.  The darkness of night, a river, and other battles paint the eerie & foreboding background.

Description: 100% Japanese genuine & authentic original samurai warrior picture by Kuniyoshi from 1853.  Excellent colors and impressions!  Condition is very good with a few tiny wormage spots/repairs, one pinhole at the warrior's left elbow near the top of his black armor, otherwise in super condition!  No backing.  Please see and judge from photos.

Size of woodblock print picture:  24.7 cm x 36.5 cm (Oban size)


This genuine Japanese woodblock print picture boasts excellent colors and impressions, preserved in very good condition.  An oban-sized masterpiece, it is a quintessential example of Kuniyoshi's work, capturing the fearless and indomitable spirit of the samurai.  Perfect for framing and displaying, this gem is a must-have for any collector of warrior prints.  Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of history!



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