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shungaisart - VERY RARE - 1910 - Shunga lot X 7 - Japanese Culture Erotica - woodblock prints

VERY RARE - 1910 - Shunga lot X 7 - Japanese Culture Erotica

SKU: tor824

Authentic Meiji period original and authentic (c.1910), Japanese shunga erotic art woodblock prints.  It's a complete set of seven different Japanese culture-themed erotic pictures/envelope pouches.  The pictures speak for themselves if you look closely, as each and every one is sexually suggestive in one way or another.  

All pictures here are actually miniature woodblock print envelopes.  The envelope pictures each measure 4.3 cm x 9.3 cm and are in great condition with minimal wear!  Very good colors and impressions.  No backing.  Please see and judge from photos. 


A great set of Japanese culturally-themed erotic pieces of art!  These odd shunga sets are quite scarce and difficult to come across, especially in such fine condition as this lot here!  Of course, some truly amusing and clever pieces amongst this group of erotica.

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