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shungaisart - original Utamaro - Shunga book - Ehon Hana Fubuki - Rape - 1802 - front cover

Utamaro - Shunga book - Ehon Hana Fubuki - Rape - 1802

SKU: ehfb1802

Authentic & Original Edo Period Japanese erotic art picture book.  It's an antique 1802, Japanese shunga erotic art woodblock print picture book by Kitagawa UTAMARO (1753-1806).  Aside from the illustrations, he was also the author of the text on those illustrated pages.  The author for the kanji text pages is Jippensha Ikku (1765-1831).  The book is from one of his most famous series, Ehon hana fubuki (Picture Book of Flowers in Violent Bloom) written in the 2nd year of the Kyowa era (1802).  


The book measures approximately 15.5 cm x 22 cm while closed.  Very good colors and impressions.  Decent+ condition for its age with some wear and soiling, some pictures have some stains and creases.  No backing.  Completely intact and can be perused easily without any worries.  Please refer to photos.   


Enclosed is the famous rape scene as three clumsy rapists assault a young woman; one of the rapists sports a skeleton tattoo on his back. 


This is now your opportunity to own a rare, original erotic work of art by one of the most revered & celebrated masters of Japanese ukiyo-e bijin-ga & shunga, Kitagawa Utamaro.


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