shungaisart - Utagawa - Shunga Toy Trick Picture - Shikake-e

Utagawa - Shunga Toy Trick Picture - Shikake-e

SKU: thj910

Showa Period Japanese shunga erotic art trick/toy picture (shikake-e) after a member of the Utagawa School.  This is not a woodblock print, but a lithograph version done in the toy picture genre.  The fold open toy picture measures 13 cm x 9.3 cm.  Very good colors and in very good condition.  There is a slit cut into the female's vagina, so the male figure can insert his manhood.  There is also a stick to the left of the picture which can be used to move the male in and out of the female, rather than having to touch the male figurine directly.  


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