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shungaisart - Ryubundo Tetsubin - Antique Japanese Iron Kettle - karakusamon motif

Ryubundo Tetsubin - Antique Japanese Iron Kettle

SKU: giu039

Original & authentic Taisho/Showa Period (early 20th century) Japanese cast iron kettle (tetsubin).  Simply a fantastic antique kettle of the renowned and celebrated Ryubundo maker craft.  Ryubundo is the original Kyoto metalwork studio that originated in the early 1700s, feudal era Japan, and is recognized world-wide as Japane's elite and illustrious maker of iron kettles.


Date:  Taisho/Showa Period (early 20th century)

Decorative motif:  karakusamon (Chinese grass patterns)

Condition:   Excellent!  Please see photos provided.


Step into a world of timeless elegance with this exquisite Taisho/Showa Period Japanese cast iron kettle by the esteemed Ryubundo maker.  Crafted in the early 20th century, it bears witness to Japan's rich heritage of iron craftsmanship.  The intricate karakusamon motif adds a touch of classic charm to any setting.  Not only does this kettle exude historical significance, but it also boasts impeccable condition, promising both aesthetic beauty and practicality.  Whether you're an avid collector or simply appreciate the allure of Japanese artistry, this kettle is a unique opportunity to own a piece of history that transcends time and brings a touch of Japanese tradition to your home.  Of course, it can serve as an exquisite decorative piece or as a functional teapot.




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