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Rare Original - Japanese Hanging Scroll - Naoki Fukada - Peacock - Bird Painting

Rare Original - Japanese Hanging Scroll - Naoki Fukada - Peacock - Bird Painting

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Original Edo Period Japanese Hand-Painted Hanging Scroll (Kakejiku), c.1900


Artist:  By the illustrious Naoki Fukada (1861 - 1947), a highly-respected and revered artist during his period, and still to this day.  He participated in the Domestic Industrial Exhibition and the National Painting Competition with famous works like "鳴門図" (Naruto-zu) and "鮮魚" (Sakana).  He also mentored younger artists and acted as a judge at the Seihadojinkai Exhibition in 1907.


The scroll is an original painting by Naoki Fukada mounted onto a silk scroll with the ending made of bone.  The hanging scroll also comes in its original storage box.  The condition is very good with minimal wear.  Please see and judge from photos provided.  


Size of entire scroll:  196 cm x 64 cm

Size of picture only:  123.5 cm x 51 cm


Historical Context:


Naoki Fukada was active during a transformative period in Japan, spanning the late Meiji period through the early Showa period.  These periods saw significant changes in Japanese art, with increased interaction with Western art forms and techniques.  Fukada's participation in national exhibitions and his role as a judge highlight his prominence in the art community of his time.


This magnificent scroll painting of a peacock, a traditional subject in Japanese art symbolizing beauty, dignity, and immortality, is a valuable piece that reflects the skill and style of a respected Japanese painter from the early 20th century.






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