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shungaisart - Rare - 1900 - Odd Shunga - Trick Picture Postcard

Rare - 1900 - Odd Shunga - Trick Picture Postcard

SKU: tam6582

Authentic Meiji period Japanese erotic art shunga woodblock print trick picture (shikake-e) c.1900 by an anonymous artist.  It's an actual postcard consisting of three layers.  The bottom layer is standard postcard paper, while the top picture of the woman doing yard work (she sports a rake) and the hidden shunga scene underneath her working are both woodblock prints.  Again, the pictures themselves are, indeed, woodblock prints.  The colors and impressions are quite good.  Overall good condition with a few tiny tears at the bottom of the front picture.  Only the bottom half of the front picture is meant to fold up and reveal the shunga scene underneath, not the entire picture.  Please refer to photos.  


A very scarce odd shunga collectible!  Top layer shows her in the midst of yard work with a rake across her shoulder, while the hidden picture underneath shows her masturbating/cumming with her dog sniffing the discharge.  

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