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shungaisart - Rare - 1850 - Japanese Antique - Dragon Carving - Buddhist Temple Dragon

Rare - 1850 - Japanese Antique Dragon Carving - Ryu

SKU: gal705drg

Original & authentic Edo Period Japanese hand-carved wooden dragon decorative piece, originally used to adorn a Buddhist temple.   An extremely rare and magnificent piece carved from Japanese keyaki (Japanese Zelkova, a highly-prized type of elm tree favored amongst Japanese carvers)

Artist:  Unknown

Date:  Edo Period Japan, c. 1850s -1860s

Description: 100% Japanese genuine & authentic original hand-carved wooden dragon.  The mythical creature floats majestically in the air, beautiful and yet fierce & powerful at the same time.  The carver's handiwork is extraordinary - this is absolutely one of the finest antique Japanese dragon carvings I have personally ever come across and we are more than proud to offer it for sale on our site!


Condition is good with a few chips and digits missing due to age.  However, even the dragon's trivial flaws cannot detract from the awe-inspiring brilliance & power it radiates!


Approximate measurements:  56.5 m in length, 15.5 cm wide, and 27.5 cm in height.  Weighs 2.4 kgs.


The dragon, a mythical and sacred creature symbolizing power and strength, is also said to bring good luck to those who are worthy.  Not only would this Japanese antique dragon bring you luck, but esteem and awe from anyone lucky enough to lay his eyes upon it!






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