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shungaisart - Japanese Hanging Scroll - Murase Gyokuda - Waterfall

Japanese Hanging Scroll - Murase Gyokuda - Waterfall

SKU: nih599

Authentic Taisho/Showa Period Japanese Hand-Painted Hanging Scroll (Kakejiku)

Artist:  an artist of the Murase Gyokuda School of painting (1852 - 1917).  This is a beautiful painting - even more beautiful in its simplicity - ironically titled, "The Waterfall."  It's an excellent work of art by one of his students (anonymous), which arguabley looks just as good as his master's.

Description: 100% Japanese genuine & authentic kakejiku (hanging scroll).  Fantastic hand-painted artwork (this is not a print nor machine copy) of a hauntingly beautiful & majestic waterfall.


Condition is good with a clean and virtually blemish-free picture.  The only noticeable flaw is the horizontal line coloring from pale to lighter brown near the top portion of the waterfall, which indicates unequal sunshine exposure while hanging in a room, based on my experience.  Painting is mounted onto a beautiful silk fabric.  Please see and judge from photos.


Size of entire scroll:  203 cm x 55.5 cm

Size of the picture itself:  112 cm x 41 cm


Comes in its original wooden box.  


Please note that due to the quality and already low price of this artwork, it is not eligible for any type of discount at checkout.  



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