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shungaisart - 1920 - Taisho Period - Antique Japanese Wood Carving - Dragon - Ryu - hand carving

Antique Japanese Wood Carving - Dragon - Ryu

SKU: gal784

Original & authentic Taisho Period Japanese hand-carved wooden dragon decorative piece, originally used to adorn a temple or shrine.  

Artist:  Unknown

Date:  Taisho Period Japan, c. 1910-1920

Description: 100% Japanese genuine & authentic original hand-carved wooden dragon decorative piece.  The carving comes from a single piece of wood.  Fantastic, intricate artwork of a magnificent dragon majestically spread out across the panel from one end to the other.


Condition is very good with just minimal wear; no cracks or any other type of damage to note of.  Please see and judge from photos.


53 cm in length, 1.7 cm thick, and 8.6 cm in height.  Weighs 185 grams.  


The dragon, a mythical and sacred creature symbolizing power and strength, is also said to bring good luck to those who are worthy.  Why not bring some luck into your home/office with this fantastic, antique piece of Japanese artwork!


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