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shungaisart - Antique Japanese Tobacco Pouch - Tabako ire - 1800 - Bronze Tiger - Bamboo

Antique Japanese Tobacco Pouch - 1800 - Bronze Tiger

SKU: tigtbko

Authentic antique Edo Period (c.1800) Japanese leather tabacco pouch (tabako ire) with an exquisitely detailed mae kanagu piece featuring a bronze tiger lurking behind bamboo (take).  If your eyes are well enough you can actually see the tiger's intricate and meticulously crafted hairlines and striped-body pattern.  Simply put, the artist is of elite stature to be able to create something so profound!  Inside is a silver clasp (it still snaps shut perfectly!) engraved with the artist's signature and more bamboo flowing in the wind. 

Very good condition.  Please see and judge from photos provided.


Would make for a wonderful decorative piece at home or the office, perched up distinguishedly on the desk or shelf.  Moreover, because it's still readily intact and with no flaws to note of, one could continue using it as a tobacco pouch, or whatever else might be legal to smoke in your neck of the woods, so to speak.  No doubt if it were used as such, you would have everyone in awe of it, if not envy! 


8 cm x 10.5 cm x 1 cm thick.  Weighs a total of 45 grams. 


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