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shungaisart - 1920 shunga woodblock print - suggestive Japanese erotic art - Bestiality

1920 woodblock print - suggestive Shunga - Bestiality

SKU: loi6354

Authentic & original Taisho period c.1920 Japanese shunga woodblock print picture by an anonymous artist.  Measures approximately 16 cm x 9.8 cm.  Excellent colors and impressions!  Condition is virtually flawless!  No backing.  Please see and judge from photos.


Another artistic & cleverly illustrated scene of a Japanese beauty masturbating and caught in the act by her pet shih tzu, which eagerly leaps at her as she does so.  She throws her wad of onkotogami ('paper for the honourable act') up in the air, but the expression on her face (a welcome smile) tells of more excitement than shock, suggesting the next act will be one of bestiality as her dog performs cunnilingus on her. 






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