shungaisart - 1910 - Shunga - Japanese erotic art - Lesbian initiation - dildo

1910 - Shunga - Lesbian Initiation

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Authentic Meiji period, c.1910 original Japanese erotic art shunga copper plate print picture by a Meiji Period shunga artist.  Shunga picture measures 18.2 cm x 14.1 cm.  Good colors and impressions.  Good condition with some wear, soiling, centre fold crease.  Album backing with remnants of two other shunga pieces on reverse.  Please refer to photos.  


A rare shunga picture from the end of the Meiji Period featuring a woman being initiated into sex (upper right cartouche) with the help of a lesbian friend who inserts a dildo into her.  As is typical with shunga, the cartouche scene precedes the main scene, which is finally the same initiated woman having intercourse  - for the first time! - with her male partner.  


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