shungaisart - 1870 - YOSHITOSHI Woodblock Print Picture Book Set - 100 Samurai Warriors - front covers

Yoshitoshi Woodblock Print Picture Book Set - Samurai

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Original and very rare, 1870 Japanese Yoshitoshi Woodblock Print Picture Book (Ehon) Set x 3 books


Date:  Meiji Period, 3rd year  (1870)

Title:  Kaidai Hyaku Senso (Selection of 100 Warriors)  Volumes 1-3, the complete set

Description: 100% Japanese genuine & authentic Yoshitoshi woodblock print picture book set from the Meiji Period, 1870.  Great colors and impressions!  There are 56 total picture pages; pictures on every page with many being bloody samurai woodblock print artwork.  Two volumes contain 19 pictures and one volume has 18 for 56 total.  Condition is great with just some light wear.  Please see and judge from photos.

Size of each woodblock print picture book (closed):  18 cm x 12 cm


This is a fantastic Yoshitoshi woodblock print picture book set from one of his most popular and sought-after samurai series, The Selection of 100 Warriors.  It is a brutal and bloody pictorial of famous samurai heroes and warriors throughout Japan's history, although the violent artwork was supposedly inspired by the aftermath of a massacre Yoshitoshi, himself, personally visited after a failed rebellion in 1868.  In this series, most of the samurai depicted are walking corpses, mocking death itself, displaying that konjo (fighting spirit) imbued bravado, traits synonymous with true bushido (samurai spirit).

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