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shungaisart - 1870 - UTAGAWA - Shunga woodblock print Lot X 3 pictures

1870 - UTAGAWA - Shunga Lot X 3

SKU: kmu17216

Authentic & original Meiji period Japanese erotic art shunga woodblock print picture lot of three, c.1870 by a member of the Utagawa School.  Shunga woodblock print pictures each measure 12 cm x 18 cm.  Excellent colors and impressions!  Very good condition with minimal wear.  No backing.  Please refer to photos. 


The shunga scenes include a Japanese beauty reading a shunga book, another featuring a couple (the woman holding a harigata (dildo), and the final scene of a beauty holding a smaller toy with her legs open and vagina exposed.



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