shungaisart - 1854 - SHOZAN - Deluxe Shunga woodblock print - Panoramic fold-out scene

1854 - SHOZAN - Deluxe Shunga - Panoramic fold-out

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Authentic Edo period original, 1854, Japanese erotic art DELUXE shunga woodblock print picture by Koikawa Shozan (1821-1907).  From his shunga series, Shaka hassho zoku yamato bunko, published and dated 1854.  Shunga picture measures 43 cm x 18 cm when all four panels are fully opened and spread out.  Very good colors and impressions.  Also some deluxe printing techniques such as gauffrage, urushi-e (black lacquer), and mica (metallic pigments).  Condition is decent+ with some wear and soiling.  The furthest panel to the right shows the most wear as there are some holes at the area where it's attached to the adjoining panel to its left.  Please see and judge from photos. 


A rare secret fold-out shunga scene with an elongated panoramic view.  Again, more odd and busy shunga artwork with a young couple having intercourse, while floating on clouds to the left (a lion dog is also present to the bottom of the couple).  Next, to the right two rather tough Japanese women are man-handling a disgruntled male, all the while exposing their vaginas in the process.

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