shungaisart - 1854 - SHOZAN - Shunga woodblock print  - Bridge Affair - Japanese erotic art - ghost

1854 - SHOZAN - Deluxe Shunga - Bridge Affair

SKU: oro4911

Authentic Edo period original, 1854, Japanese erotic art DELUXE shunga woodblock print picture by Koikawa Shozan (1821-1907).  From his shunga series, Shaka hassho zoku yamato bunko, published and dated 1854.  Shunga picture measures 22 cm x 18 cm.  Very good colors and impressions.  Also some deluxe printing techniques such as gauffrage and mica (metallic pigments).  Condition is good with some wear, soiling, a few faint stains.  Please see and judge from photos. 


A wonderful original deluxe shunga woodblock print picture by Koikawa Shozan!  In this odd & humorous scene, a samurai aggressively accosts a creepy, ghost-like woman on a bridge, while fending off another female assailant who's sprawled out helplessly beside them - legs wide open for the world to see!

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