shungaisart 1850 UTAGAWA Shunga Japanese erotic art woodblock print picture book Odd Scenes flatulence oral sex 69

1850 UTAGAWA Shunga Japanese woodblock print picture book Odd Scenes


Authentic Edo period original, c.1850, Japanese shunga erotic art woodblock print picture book by an artist of the UTAGAWA School.  Each shunga picture measures 13 cm x 18 cm; book closed measures 6.5 cm x 18 cm.  Good colors and impressions.  Condition is good with some light wear, minimal wormage and a few pinholes here and there.  No backing.  Accordion-style, fold out e-hon shunga (picture book). All shunga pictures shown here, pictures on every page.  Please see and judge from photos.


Some great shunga scenes, plenty of oddness and rare Japanese erotic art throughout, including the following:  cunnilingus, 69, flatulence, assault by an old woman, lesbian scene between an elderly woman inserting coins into a younger woman's vagina (for other lesbian shunga please click here), another woman pleasuring herself with her own devised contraption consisting of a Noh mask attached to a large cushion, and various strange games and sex-toy-themed entertainment.  Quite the rare & odd shunga book!

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