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shungaisart - 1846 - KUNIYOSHI - Japanese woodblock print - Giant Tiger vs Samurai

1846 - KUNIYOSHI - Giant Tiger vs Samurai

SKU: art216

Authentic original Edo Period Kuniyoshi Japanese Woodblock Print Picture

Artist:  KUNIYOSHI  UTAGAWA (1797-1861)

Date:  Edo Period, 1846

Publisher:  Yamashiro-ya Jimbei

Title of triptych: Watônai Hunting a Tiger (Watônai tora-gari no zu)


Description: 100% Japanese genuine & authentic original woodblock print picture by Kuniyoshi from 1846.  Very good colors and impressions.  Condition is good with some minor wear and slight repairs on reverse.  Please see and judge from photos.

Size of woodblock print picture:  25.5 cm x 37.5 (Oban size)


Scene depicted:  the best panel from this fantastic winter triptych!  In this scene, a massive tiger comes out to face off against head samurai, Watônai, after already mauling and killing one of his troops.  Incredible artwork of the lifeless samurai warrior dangling from the jaws of the giant beast!  Would look magnificent framed and mounted!





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