shungaisart - 1845 - UTAGAWA - Shunga woodblock print - Surimono Case - Ikebana - deluxe shunga

1845 - UTAGAWA - Shunga Surimono Case - Ikebana

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Authentic Edo period original, c.1845, Japanese erotic art shunga surimono woodblock print picture case by an artist of the UTAGAWA School.  Shunga picture case measures 11.2 cm x 19.5 cm (closed).  Good colors, very good embossing, and great impressions!  Furthermore, there is some deluxe printing techniques such as mica (metallic pigments) for the kanji writing on the case and gauffrage applied to the Japanese beauty's collar.  Very good condition for a case, as they tend to take the brunt of the abuse over the years since their purpose is to store and keep the shunga surimono themselves safe and clean.  No backing or repairs.  Please see and judge from photos.


A great bijin-ga (Japanese beauty) scene of the woman being distracted while doing ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement).  Some of these shungas are so subtly & cleverly crafted it's quite impressive, as well as humorous.  "What could possibly have caught her attention so?," the shunga sleeve seems to beg.  I'll bet it rhymes with 'hex!'

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