shungaisart - 1845 - Shunga Surimono woodblock print - Japanese erotic art - Tea Time

1845 - Shunga Surimono - Tea Time - Odd Scene

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Authentic Edo period, c.1845 Japanese shunga surimono erotic art woodblock print picture by a member of the Utagawa School.  Shunga picture measures approximately 13.8 cm x 7.2 cm.  Excellent colors, impressions, and embossing, as well as gold mica (metallic pigments) for the background.  Condition is decent+ with some wear and soiling, bit remnants of album backing on reverse.  Please see and judge from photos.


An interesting antique Japanese erotic art shunga scene of a male pouring himself a cup of tea while having intercourse with his female partner.  She appears to be climaxing, despite his foot on her breasts!?!?


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