shungaisart - 1845 - KUNIYOSHI Samurai - Japanese Woodblock Print - Warrior General Picture

1845 - KUNIYOSHI Samurai - Japanese Woodblock Print - Warrior Picture

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Original and rare, Edo Period Kuniyoshi Japanese Woodblock Print Samurai Warrior Picture

Artist:  KUNIYOSHI  UTAGAWA (1797-1861)

Date:  Edo Period, 1845 

Publisher:  Yamashiro-ya Heisuke

Title of series:  A Hundred Generals Brave in Battle at Kawanakajima (Kawanakajima hyaku yûshô sen no uchi).  Title of picture:  Sanada Kihei Masayuki.  He was sixteen years old and it was his first time in such a battle, yet he was a general  (Juroku-sai uijin Sanada Kihei Masayuki) 

In this scene, General Sanada Kihei Masayuki , here bareheaded with a two-bladed spear (hoku) over his shoulder who fought along side of Takeda Shingen.

Description: 100% Japanese genuine & authentic original ukiyoe picture from the Edo Period, 1845.  Good colors and impressions.  Condition is fair+ with some wear and backing.  Nevertheless, still a very striking and classic Kuniyoshi samurai portrait!  Please see and judge from photos.

Size of woodblock print picture:  Oban size, 24.7 cm x 36.3 cm



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