shungaisart - 1840 - Shunga Surimono Book - Japanese erotic art - 43 total shunga woodblock print pictures

1840 - Shunga Surimono Book - 43 total pictures!

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Authentic Edo period, c.1840s Japanese erotic art shunga surimono woodblock print picture booklet by a member of the Utagawa School.  There is one picture from the Meiji Period enclosed, but the rest of the pictures are all Edo Period c.1840s shunga surimono woodblock prints.  Shunga pictures measure approximately 12.2 cm x 9.1 cm each.  Excellent colors, impressions, and embossing, as well as gold & silver mica (metallic pigments) on some pictures.  Condition varies from fair to good, as some pictures show more wormage than others.  Please see and judge from photos.  Approximately 43 total shunga surimono pictures enclosed in this makeshift booklet, each one attached to a page of the book.  Accordion-style, fold open booklet.  Note: Due to the number of pictures enclosed in the booklet, we're unable to show all of them here in the photos.


A superb antique Japanese erotic art shunga surimono booklet with an abundant lot of great scenes!  At $394, that's less than ten dollars per surimono piece!


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