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shungaisart - 1840 - 1910 - Shunga Woodblock Print - Japanese erotic art - Lot X 20 pieces

1840 - 1910 - Shunga Woodblock Print Lot X 20

SKU: jngyokeur

Authentic & original Edo & Meiji period c.1840 - 1910, Japanese shunga erotic art woodblock print picture lot of 20 by various artists.  Most of the Edo Period surimono shunga pieces are by an artist of the Utagawa School and five of the smaller Meiji Period surimono pieces are by an artist of the Tomioka Eisen School.  The smallest of the pictures measure approximately 9.2 cm x 12.6 cm and the larger green-colored Meiji Period pieces measure 18.3 cm x 12.2 cm each.  Most show very good colors and impressions.  Condition is good with some wear and soiling, although there is one smaller Meiji Period piece (the pervert lifting the mosquito net one) that is in worn condition.  No backing.  Please see and judge from photos.


Twenty different original shunga erotic art pieces ranging from both Japan's Edo and Meiji Period - at a very affordable price! 




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