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shungaisart - 1838 - KUNIYOSHI - Deluxe Shunga woodblock print - Bijin-ga - Japanese beauty portrait

1838 - KUNIYOSHI - Deluxe Shunga - Bijin-ga

SKU: box3773

Authentic Edo period original, c.1838, Japanese shunga woodblock print picture by Kuniyoshi Utagawa (1797-1861).  From his superb shunga series, Edo nishiki-e azuma bunko (Edo Brocades, the Eastern Library).  Shunga bijin-ga (beautiful woman picture) measures approximately 24.4 cm x 16.6 cm.  Excellent (deep & rich) colors and impressions!  Deluxe printing techniques used to achieve a stunning bijin-ga portrait - gauffrage (on her collar for added texture), mica (metallic pigments), and urushi-e (black lacquer).  Condition is very good with minor wear and soiling.  No backing.  Please see and judge from photos provided.


A Kuniyoshi original bijin-ga woodblock print masterpiece of a gorgeous Japanese beauty!



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