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shungaisart - 1837 - Kunisada - Rare Shunga - Rapture - Genji of the East

1837 - Kunisada - Rare Shunga - Rapture

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Authentic Edo period original, 1837, Japanese erotic art deluxe shunga woodblock print picture by Kunisada Utagawa (1786-1865).  From the illustrious and highly-coveted shunga series, Kachõ yojõ Azuma Genji (Genji of the East, Charm of Flowers and Birds).  Shunga picture measures 22.3 cm x 32.5 cm.  An excellent deluxe shunga with great colors and impressions, as well as mica (metallic pigments), gauffrage, and bokashi shading.  Condition is very good with some light wear, trimmed borders.  No backing.  Please see and judge from photos.


A beautiful deluxe shunga original artwork depicting two lovers caught up in a moment of rapture, as evident by their tight, intense clutching of one another, closed eyes, and the Japanese beauty's curled toes.


Because of the phenomenal deluxe artwork and quality, this entire shunga series is considered to be Kunisada's finest shunga work he ever produced.


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