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shungaisart - 1831 - Sadatora - Japanese Woodblock print - Samurai Sword Lick - Bloodlust

1831 - Sadatora Woodblock print - Samurai Sword Lick - Bloodlust

SKU: ste17012

Authentic Edo period original, 1831, Japanese woodblock print by Sadatora Utagawa (active from 1820-1844).  From his shunga series, Kai chu so shi.  Woodblock print picture measures 22 cm x 24.5 cm.  Very good colors and impressions.  Condition is good with some wear and soiling.  No backing.  Please see and judge from photos.


A rare Japanese woodblock print picture by one of the more obscure artists of the Utagawa School.  In this scene, an armed male samurai unsheathes his katana sword, licking it as he does so.  There's no concrete symbolic interpretation for such an act, although it's generally agreed upon that it shows the warrior's bloodlust, foreshadowing the attack/murder that will take place once he and his female companion - who's also armed with two weapons - enter the premises.


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