shungaisart 1830 Original KUNIYOSHI Shunga Japanese erotic art woodblock print freak penis snake Genital Creatures

1830 KUNIYOSHI Shunga Japanese woodblock print Genital Creatures

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Authentic Edo period original, c.1830, Japanese shunga erotic art woodblock print picture by Kuniyoshi Utagawa (1797-1861).  From the haunted & sexually macabre demon/ghost shunga series, Kaidan hyakki yagyo (Ghost Stories: Night Procession of the Hundred Demons).  Shunga picture measures approximately 13.1 cm x 9.6 cm (koban size).  Great colors and impressions!  Condition is very good with some light wear; barely visible partial hanko stamps showing near top right edge and bottom left edge.  No backing, aside from bit remnants of album backing on the corners only.  Please see and judge from photos.  In short, another stunning piece from this rare and highly-sought-after shunga series!


Great Japanese shunga scene of some freaky creatures made up of male and female genitalia.  There's a penis-headed snake with an ejaculating tongue, a giant toad with female genitalia for its mouth, and a snail with a penis-shaped shell.  Classic Kuniyoshi shunga!


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