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shungaisart - 1775 - Shunga - Isoda Koryusai - Orgasm - Japanese erotic art woodblock print

1775 - Shunga - Isoda Koryusai - Orgasm

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Authentic & Original Edo Period Japanese erotic art classic!   It's a very rare antique 1775, Japanese shunga erotic art woodblock print picture by Isoda Koryusai.  From his famous and 'extremely important oban series,' Shikido torikumi juniban (Twelve Holds of Love) 1775-1777.  The woodblock print picture measures approximately 24.5 cm x 37 cm.  Very good colors and impressions.  Decent+ condition for its age with some wear and soiling, foxing stains, centre fold.  No backing.  Please refer to photos.   


"An extremely important oban series, Twelve Holds of Love had a tremendous impact on the nature of shunga composition because of its oban format, the exaggeration of the genitalia and the 'zooming in' on the subjects."  Excerpt from P.109, Japanese Erotic Fantasies, Uhlenbeck & Winkel.


"The text on this print indicates that the nude couple have almost reached orgasm.  Their bodies are so tightly intertwined that they almost mirror the circular shape of the bedding underneath them.  The composition itself appears as a marriage of contrasting elements, from the naked forms to the interior architectural and decorative elements.  This print also exists without the orange-colored genitalia."  Excerpt from P.110, Japanese Erotic Fantasies, Uhlenbeck & Winkel.


An exemplary Koryusai work of erotic art from this highly-sought-after and very rare shunga series!


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